Section 35 Walkway Agreement

3) that a vehicle may be washed away on sidewalks, whether it is or whether it is being driven or driven, unless this Act applies to a person driving a vehicle on sidewalks who violates Section 36 of the 1972 Highway Traffic Act; “pavements,” any portion of these lanes designated as pedestrian lanes in accordance with Section 35 of the Highways Act of 1980 and defined in the sidewalk agreement; (4) Use or create on the podiums of any skateboard skateboard or similar device. (c) without prejudice to the universality of paragraphs (a) and b) for the exclusion, limitation or regulation of the rights of legal operators, F3. . [F4F3. . . . and operators of [F5electronic Communications Code Networks] to place and maintain devices in, under, on, along, along or on these sidewalks; 5. A contract that is included in an agreement under this section and is concluded by a person interested in a country concerned by the agreement is a basic local levy. 4. No citizen is allowed to access or access part of the sidewalks at a time when that portion of the sidewalks is closed in accordance with Regulation 5 of the Sidewalks Regulations.

(11) Subject to section (12) below, the Minister, after consultation with representative organizations, may, as he sees fit, adopt provisions – (12) The provisions in this section include the rights of the statutory adjudicative powers, F6. . . . [F7F6. . . .

or operators of [F5electronic Communications Code Networks] to place and maintain devices in, under, under or on a part of a sidewalk, as this is a part that is not supported by any structure. 6. Where an agreement has been reached under this section, the competent authority may adopt statutes that regulate – 2) any dog owned or under its control to misrepresent a sidewalk; The sidewalk agreement provides that sidewalks will be closed to the public on Sundays and public holidays on any other day when all developing stores are closed to the public, such extra hours each day and overtime, since each part of the sidewalk agreement can be closed directly from time to time and between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. Monday to Saturday. Any unauthorized member of the public who is on the sidewalks, or part of them, if it is thus closed or if it is temporarily closed for construction or repair work, commits a violation of the statutes. (c) by or with the authority of the owner or tenant or tenant of the owner, in accordance with the agreement on sidewalks of the sidewalks of the regulation on the sidewalks; c) placing or storing something (including a structure or projection) on, on or on such a sidewalk. (d) the authority issuing the agreement or, if the agreement is jointly reached by a district council [non-metropolitan F1] and a local motorway authority, to give the right to one of these authorities to enter a building or structure in which that sidewalk is located and to carry out all the necessary work to ensure the performance of an obligation that a person must fulfil at this time under the agreement or section below; (a) at regular intervals at periods defined in the agreement on the sidewalk and b) to the lighting of such a sidewalk and the part of the building or structure that will be above or above; 4. Any confederation (positive or restrictive) contained in an agreement reached in accordance with this section and concluded by a person with an interest in a country concerned by the agreement is binding on persons who infer ownership of the Land within the framework of the contracting giver, to the extent that it binds the contracting agent, irrespective of the fact that it would not have been binding on those persons other than the provisions of this subsection.

and must be enforceable against these individuals by the local motorway authority.