Pia Interline Agreement

If you check in with one of our codeshare or interline partners sold on aircanada.com, there may be differences in fees for checked baggage as well as optional service and other fees. PIA, with its airline partners Interline and Codeshare, offers a greater choice of travel with different routes and ensures our passengers reach their destination with comfort and comfort. Through codeshare agreements, Pakistan International Airlines flies over its partners to the following destinations in the Government of Pakistan, the Pakistan International Airlines Corporation, through the merger of Orient Airways with Pakistan International Airlines, created on October 1, 1953 by a joint interim enterprise agreement in which the government took financial control of the airline , while International Airlines of the Orient aircraft were able to complete the operations and land assets of the Orient for a few years. [20] WITH its Interline agreements and codeshare partners, PIA offers a greater choice of travel to 102 international destinations in 40 countries around the world with different air links. On 3 December 1971, French security forces thwarted a French national`s attempt to abduct a PIA flight from Paris to Karachi. [31] Transatlantic flights to New York resumed in May 1972 with a stopover in Europe. [26] Pia added Tripoli to its network in 1972 by testing cordial relations between the Libyan and Pakistani authorities in the early 1970s. IN 1972, PIA also signed an agreement with the Yugoslav company JAT for the lease of 2 PIA Boeing 707s to JAT. [32] PIA Catering is the main supplier of meals for the airline in Islamabad and Karachi. It can produce 15,000 passenger meals per day. In 2006, Singapore Air Terminal Services (SATS) was responsible for the management of the air kitchens. The agreement ended in 2011 and PIA manages the Flight Kitchens in Karachi and Islamabad itself. In April 2019, an agreement was signed between PIA and McDonald`s for catering companies.

PIA Catering offers special meals for the nutritional and religious needs of passengers. Due to Islamic law, alcoholic beverages and pork are not served on board. [107] Interline agreements between airlines facilitate the travel of customers who require flights with more than one airline to reach their final destination. These agreements allow customers to travel on the networks of several airlines with the comfort of a single booking and the assurance that their itinerary involves reasonable connection times. Travel will be further enhanced if partner airlines agree to issue boarding passes and check baggage at the final destination, reducing the need for check-in with multiple airlines at each stop.