New Zealand Teachers Collective Agreement

4.18.1 All teachers who must teach at least six hours a week at Te Reo Merori in authorized meerial diving programs at levels 1, 2 or 3 receive assistance of USD 4000 pa. This allowance is set for part-time teachers (based on the teacher`s set of schedules). (a) Does a Board of Directors have three or more role allowances (within the school) that award each appointment either permanently or temporarily, in accordance with item 3.2.3 of this agreement, provided that temporary appointments never represent more than 40% of eligible teachers (within the school) supported by a board of directors; A person with a collective agreement may also agree with his employer additional terms and conditions. Additional Conditions: This basic salary scale applies to all certified teachers (including provisionally certified qualified categories and confirmation entitlement, but are not limited to authorization to teach) by the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand, as they are trained and qualified to teach in NZ for the purposes of this clause. b) Long-term teachers must be treated on the same level as permanent teachers for leave pay. The G ratings in this collective agreement recognize that the New Zealand Quality Qualifications Register provides the appropriate framework for determining the relationship between qualification and salary. Physical education teachers and sports coaches must have a good level of fitness and health. With the conclusion of recent negotiations on the employment contract, eight additional teacher days have been set for a principal or teacher under the primary school teachers` collective agreement, the primary school principals` collective agreement, the primary school teachers` collective agreement and the surface school principals` collective agreement. According to the survey conducted by headteachers on secondary education supply, 78 headteachers said it was difficult to hire secondary school teachers capable of teaching English, digital technology, mathematics, science and construction and mechanical technologies. 4.12.3 Teachers receiving the Staff Incentive Allowance (excluding the long-term unemployed) are entitled to the allowance for at least three years in each approved school for the payment of aid. Therefore, when a school is removed from the authorized list, eligible teachers who have not received the allowance for the minimum three-year period at the date of non-compliance with the school will receive the allowance until the end of the three-year period, provided that the continuing service at the same school is maintained during that period and that the teacher remains in an organization eligible for assistance.

However, for teachers who have already received assistance for a period of three years or more, the payment of aid is immediately suspended at the time of non-compliance with the school.