Avis Canada Rental Agreement

A. Loss or deterioration of the THRIFTY vehicle: The tenant and any other driver are absolutely responsible for the loss or damage caused to the rental vehicle, even if someone else has caused it or whose cause is unknown, whether because of theft, fire, hail, flood, collision, vandalism or other reasons, subject to legal restrictions when the vehicle is rented. This responsibility does not exceed the full value of the vehicle, plus: H. “Keychain” Credit cards: THRIFTY does not accept small credit cards from credit card companies that match a keychain. In the event that a customer presents the credit card to the key ring at the time of the rental, the location may ask you to provide the standard credit card or any other form of payment. 3. Additional authorized drivers: If an attendant is required to act as a driver during the rental, please inform the THRIFTY representative when renting and picking up. For an additional licensed driver for non-disabled tenants, there are no additional charges. F. Debit and credit card qualifications/requirements: In order to rent a thrifty vehicle, the tenant must present a valid driver`s license and a valid main or debit card (see debit card use below) on his or her own behalf with an available credit or credit. At the time of the rental, an authorized stop point is secured on your credit/debit card, which is provided to cover the estimated rental costs plus an additional $200.00 to cover the additional costs. These funds are only available at the end of the rent, after the fee.

6. Mexico Insurance: Vehicles leased in the United States must not be driven to Mexico without insurance from Mexico. Mexico Insurance offers a customer protection against liability and damage on the rental vehicle in order to comply with Mexican law during a visit to Mexico. Mexico Insurance allows the customer to travel with the rented vehicle up to 250 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border. The policy covers liability to third parties for the use of the rental vehicle (up to the current liability limit), collision and full coverage for the rental vehicle (subject to current deductibles) and limited recovery of medical expenses.