1994 Agreement On Implementation Of Part Xi

Keyword: extraterrestrial species, Inspection, judicial procedures/administrative procedures, management/conservation, deep water, islands, bycatch, infractions/sanctions, verification/compliance, risk assessment/management, fishing fees, authorization/authorization, fisheries management and conservation, total authorized capture, marine fishing, liability/compensation, pollution control, future generations, marine pollution, dispute resolution, monitoring, inventory improvement/repopulation, maritime area, right of access to marine pollution, training, data collection/declaration, Research, EIA, international organization, long-range air pollution, marine mammals, mines, economy/industry/business, high seas, sovereignty, marine pollution (land sources), migratory species, property maritime, court, marine resource management, jurisdiction, fishing licence, port, early warning system/emergency response system, fishing/fishing gear, navigation On the other hand, the economic and monetary union was established in 1992 , with a view to setting up a waste management system. This document has elicited a number of editorial observations that are reflected in the text of the resolution and the draft agreement on the application of Part XI of the Un Convention on the Law of the Sea of 10 December 1982, which is contained in Appendix I of this report. A solution to the question of representation within the Council is found in the informal annex II agreement. These informal consultations took place between 1990 and 1994, during which 15 meetings were convened. 2/ They can be easily divided into two phases. The first phase was devoted to identifying issues important to some states, taking the approach to addressing these problems and finding solutions. In the second phase, the results to date have been more accurate; Other points were raised during the review and participants drew attention to an audit of the consolidated texts that embody these solutions and the procedure by which they could be adopted.